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Magniwork Scam

Magniwork Magnetic Generator

permanent magnet generator is a system that allows you to create energy by uses magnets as a source of power rather than resources such as wind or water.

The idea behind the entire Magniwork system is that you can create your own turbine powered energy by making it turn with magnets. This information is not new and can be found all over the internet. However, Magniworks passes it off as their own and their actually machine is nothing special.

Now this type of design is in fact capable of creating energy, but it is nowhere near being able to power an entire home. In fact, when you have completely finished building your Magniwork machine, you will be able to produce anywhere between 20 - 25 watts of power. That is not even enough energy output to power a single light bulb which is usually between 40 - 60 watts. Furthermore, they have no intention of following up with their clients because they do not deliver the technical support that is advertised on their website. The best thing to do with Magniwork is to forget about it entirely because they will take your money and laugh at you all the way to the bank.


New scams pop up on the internet on a daily basis and every few months, a new type of scam will appear and take over. The trend used to be scams on how to win big at roulette, then it migrated towards making millions in affiliate marketing overnight.

Now there is a new scam on the internet and it is called Magniwork. This product may seem outstanding at first sight, but that is the only time it will ever appear so.

Like several other do it yourself guides on powering your home for free, this product does not deliver a high quality product and is far from giving you the benefits that are described on their website.

The product is provided to you by an anonymous person and the final product is actually a bunch of ideas that other people have had integrated into one useless machine.

Magniwork Hoax

Separating the real machines and products from the fake ones is almost impossible to do without having tried them for yourself. However, there are certain tipping points that can help you better decide whether a product is legitimate or not.

The Magniwork website tells you that you will be able to cut your electrical bill anywhere between 50% - 100% simply by using their product. They tell you that you will be provided with 24/7 technical support for any questions or concerns that you may have. And finally they show you testimonials and even news reports about the so called product. Trusting these testimonials would be a big mistake because anyone can falsify a review for their own product. Magniworks has a few Facebook pages yet they all have very few members and absolutely no activity.

Magniwork Generator PDF

So what is the Magniwork product? When purchasing their product for the 'discount price' of $49.99, you will receive the entire DIY magnet motor building guide. This product comes to you in the form of a PDF file which is 57 pages long. This may seem like a lot of information but the document actually contains more tips and tricks on how you can reduce your energy consumption rather than actually telling you how to create your own energy source.

The PDF file is terribly designed and looks like it was designed by an amateur with no knowledge about energy. Once you finally make it to the part about how to build your own system, you will notice the information is weak and so is the generator. Continued below....

Magniwork Scam