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Edison’s Current Review

Edison's Current would be on the news all over the globe if it could actually do what it promises; cut your power bills by 50% - 100% without creating any noise while being incased into a tiny machine.

The only publicity that this product actually has besides its website is a fan page on Facebook with no contact information or comments. The lack of any activity at all on their Facebook page even though they have over 800 likes pretty much says that the creator of this scam falsified the entire fan page.

Edison's Current Review

This is
not a complete scam since you do receive actual blueprints and diagrams that detail how to create an energy production machine.

Keep in mind before investing your money and time that the parts for this machine will definitely cost more than $500. At best, you will be able to cut your power by roughly 10%, but you will have to decide whether cutting your power by such a small amount is worth spending hundreds of dollars.

Remember to avoid placing your trust in programs that make false claims about being watched by the CIA and other government agencies as these are simply fear mongering tactics to get you to buy their product without reading reviews beforehand.

Rather than wasting your money on such a product you would be much better off with a DIY wind turbine or even home solar kits.


Over the past few centuries there have been lots of speculation over the various inventions of Thomas Edison and his thoughts about electrical current. Many have tried to implement these rules of logic and theories into their daily lives, but nobody has ever been known to experience enough success to power a home with these methods.

A relatively new system has appeared on the internet under the name of Edison's Current and although this type of product is very difficult to trust, we have taken the time to look into it in order to give it an honest review.

This product can be purchased directly from the official website at the 'discount' price of $79 with the original cost being at $197. This is actually very steep when you consider that most of its competitors range from $40 - $50. Regardless of the price, this product promises to help you create 1000 Kilowatts per hour which is more than enough for the average home.

Edison's Current Ebook

After trying this product out you will quickly realize that
this very expensive eBook is not worth the price. What you get when purchasing this product is a 50 page eBook with the text so spread out that all of the information could easily be reduced to a mere 20 pages. Nonetheless, this would be long enough if the information provided was concrete and solid enough to help you build a great system, but this is not the case.

When you purchase this eBook you will be very disappointed after opening the file for the first time. As promised, this eBook contains diagrams and images in order to make the process easier, but unless you understand complex wiring and electrical terms, you will be confused from the start. This product actually looks like it was taken directly from an electrical technician's course.

Edison's Current Blueprints

Creating your own electrical system from scratch
would be amazing if you could do the entire thing with a few household items and no knowledge about electricity. The blueprints do exist though and they are provided for you in the eBook, thus allowing you to create the machine if you are really motivated. However, the machine is quite large opposite to what is promised and the current produced is not anywhere near the 1000 Kw/h margin.

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Edisons Current Book Cover